Welcome to United Together Project

A new project for those who believe in freedom of speech and our rights. This is more important than ever before because our freedom and rights are being taken away from us, right in front of our eyes.


This has happened over years and years and needs to stop! 

This is the start of our campaign. Our aim to spread as much of the truth as possible from our website without being censored or banned.

We urge the public to expose as many lies and corruption they can find in the mainstream media, spreading content, and being free from censorship. You can do this anonymously, via your birth name or your nickname, depending on how much you would like to protect your identity post away in our forums & groups 


This is a place for everyone. Everyone can post their opinions, articles, studies, or videos without thinking about getting censored or banned.

We aim to have a section for experts, with actual information, scientific studies, and a section specifically for whistle-blowers.


This will be anonymous and will be because we don't want the public to have false information that could be considered propaganda and would make it a lot harder to believe, this means it will be populated by verified experts. This way, we have a place where we can find factual information and scientific studies, as well as speculative information from the general public. Only then we will have all the information in one place, for all to see and take action.

​We all know bits of information, but if we were to combine all our knowledge, we can share our understanding with everyone else, such as if you're researching a certain topic and need some help, you can connect with fellow people and combine your knowledge and organize it in one place.

Social media platforms like Instagram, Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter no longer serve our purpose. This is because these social media platforms censor posts so it's impossible to post anything, discuss or even get your point across.

We also want to build communities, help small shops, and the general public 


hope to reach out to as many people as possible, we all have mobile phones, computers, tablets, etc. I hope you guys can help build this project.